Ultra cyclist Celso Fonseca rode non stop for 24 hours to smash three ultra cyling world records in one go. Celso 36, smashed the 300km, 300-mile and 500km records during a marathon 24-hour cycling stint at the outdoor velodrome in the Maindy Centre. Originally from Portugal, Celso ended up sleeping rough for three months last year due to mental health problems and post-traumatic stress disorder.

He broke the 100km record in two hours 43 minutes and eight seconds, got through 200km in five hours 44 minutes and 49 seconds, covered 300km in nine hours five minutes and 30 seconds, hit 300 miles in 15 hours 26 minutes and 41 seconds, and broke the 500km record in 16 hours eight minutes and 35 seconds.
He credits Wales with “saving his life” and hopes to inspire others with his achievements. He added: “I want to show it doesn’t matter if you have mental health problems, no money or where you come from, you can achieve what you want in life.”

Celso, in addition to being a rising athletic star was also an inspiration to underprivileged kids and individuals with Mental Health afflictions. He became an instant hit with his experience of rising above unfortunate experiences that could ultimately have made him take his own life, his perseverance, resistance, dedication, hardwork and triumph.
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