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Pontypridd Taxi Sevices, Pontypridd

Pontypridd Taxi Services offer taxis, shuttles and private hire and are also airport transfer specialists in South Wales. The company believes that excellent customer service and reliability are two very important factors necessary to be successful within the transportation industry. The company understands the importance of trust within the industry as in most cases they are placed in postions where peoples' schedules, routines, trips, happiness and even lives are placed in their hands.

Pontypridd Taxiservices operate 24hrs, 7 days a week and offer the cheapest taxi, private hire and airport transfer services in Pontypridd and the surrounding areas. Their vehicles and drivers are duly licenced within the legal guidelines have an excellent safety record. Pontypridd Taxi Services also offer discounts to students and over 65’s for any journeys undertaken.
With the current trend in technology moving towards the internet, mobile phones and social media interaction Pontypridd Taxi Services needed to be able to be placed in a position where they could compete with other transportation parastatals. It was no longer just okay to be able to respond to phone calls and be found in the local phone book. There was the need to be able to be discovered on the internet and be involved in more interactivity with both existing and prospective customers.

It was really essentail that Pontypridd Taxi services were in possession of a website that was mobile phone friendly and compatible with latest mobile technologies like applications.
In addition to being able to get reviews from passengers it was also essential to be able to make bookings with extreme ease from any devices used whether stationary or mobile. Preesto Solutions looked at the following features to help achieve this :

  • Dynamic database driven website
  • Site able to display schedules and prices and be updated with ease
  • Construction of web content to enable keyword approval and search engine acceptability
  • Search engine compatibility of the website
  • Ability to allow bookings to be made with comparative ease
  • Ease of adaptability with new processes like tracking applications and global positioning devices like google maps

Pontypridd Services are now able to take advantage new processes like tracking applications and global positioning devices like google maps which are now very prominent within the transport industry. The new site puts them in the position to be able to compete effectively with othere taxi services in internet campaigns like Google ads and other technological advances in marketing.

Our Location

We are located in the small business Service centre in Navigation Park, Abercynon close to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. We do our best to be flexible and accessible and thus will travel to see our clients where time and reason permits.

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