Community Finance in Cardiff

Assadaqaat Community Finance, Cardiff

Assadaqaat Community Finance (ACF) is a not-for-profit, innovative and leading provider of financial support and advice to entrepreneurs in the UK, offering a ground breaking and pioneering financial model based on Islamic Financial principles. Offering financially and socially inclusive, non-banking financial services (NBFS), and designed to address financial and social exclusion, financial inequality and eradicate poverty.

Access to finance is a key link between economic opportunity and economic outcome; An overarching problem facing a vast majority of members of our communities today is Financial and Social Exclusion. Based on the Islamic principles of Benevolence (Assadaqaat) and Common Good (Ma’ruf), the value proposition is simple - philanthropy creates philanthropists. Supporting our communities financially and by delivering social and economic measurable impacts is the hallmark of our Assadaqaat financial model. The few cannot prosper alone, but have a responsibility towards the less advantaged members of our communities. Assadaqaat needed to be able to utilise the power of social media in it's marketing strategy anad approach

Assadaqaat Community Finance needed a new website and it's content needed to be optimised to make it desirable for search engines. Using industry best practice techniques, we came up with a well balanced search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy to support business growth and recognition.
Assadaqaat needed to be able to have benefactors who would be business sponsors register and identify themselves.
This involved capturing sensitive and necessary information
Likewise, it was important to be able to capture information about beneficiaries, their business aspirations and details. As with the GDPR regulations this required a very meticulous and sensitive approach. Assadaqaat was working with the Change account and a delciate balance had to be reached for Change account to be able to help in implementation of the application and approval process for prospective business owners. The project included establishing the following factors amongst others:

  • Dynamic database driven website
  • Contact communication via forms and ability to make quote requests
  • Construction of web content to enable keyword approval and search engine acceptability
  • Search engine compatibility of the website
  • Ability to allow client and prospective client registrations to help data capture and marketing prospects
  • Ability for Benefactors to be able to register on the website
  • Ability for prospective beneficiaries to be able to apply online and give business information 

The result has been a seamless and smooth application process for beneficiaries and benefactors in order to offer financially and socially inclusive, non-banking financial services (NBFS).

Our Location

We are located in the small business Service centre in Navigation Park, Abercynon close to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. We do our best to be flexible and accessible and thus will travel to see our clients where time and reason permits.

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