Cynfenter Conference, Hamburg, Germany

In March of 2004 Presto Solutions Limited were given the honour of being one of the representatives from Wales to the CEFT Transnational partnership conference hosted by Enigma in Hamburg. The delegation from Wales included representatives from the University of Wales, Newport, the Ethinic Minority Business Support Programme EBSP, the University of Glamorgan, the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association AWEMA, the Welsh Refugee Council, Disability Wales, Wavehill Consultancy, Menter a Busnes , and the Welsh Development AgencyWDA
The event was held at Enigma's headquarters in Hamburg which also housed the European acclaimed incubator called "the Garage". The two day conference included a visit to Hamburg's harbour as well as the classic historic Groninger house which brews it's own beer ( can be traced back to 1722 ) and the house of spices.
Speeches were given by some of the delegates and these included:

  • Dr. Caryl Cresswell, University of Wales-Newport
  • Sylvie Fiendt, INTEREG Project manager
  • Hajo Streiberger, CEO of Enigma
  • Thorsten Muller, Project Manager of the Garage
  • Dr. Frank Weisner, Europa-University, Frankfurt
  • Dr. Alexander Kritikos, Europa-University, Frankfurt
  • Derrick Izilein, Presto Solutions Limited.
  • Jochen Bloss, Manager of Kiz incubator project

The subject of incubators was high on the agenda at the conference because of the increased utilisation in various countries particularly around universities with GTI of the University of Glamorgan being a prime example. The conference marked Presto Solutions first major international exposure within the business world and was well received by the delegates at the conference as well as the German media. The market for internet access was recognised as one which is at the forefront of service technology in the new millenium within the European continent .

Please see some photos from the event below:


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