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Intouch Solutions Worldwide, San Diego, California

Intouch Solutions Worldwide In Touch Solutions Worldwide is a premier entertainment, sports and event hosting firm that has a base in the United Kingdom and San Diego, California.. Whether it is tickets to a local game, or a turnkey premier program, In Touch Solutions' ' A LA CARTE offering allows you build the right size event to fit your objectives.

In today’s economic environment, spending quality time with one of your most sought after prospects, valuable clients or even your management team is extremely challenging. Entertaining your customers or employees at some of the world’s most exclusive and innovative events is a unique way to demonstrate how much you value them. Intouch Solutions can help with implementing an intimate and stylish environment. This enables clients have time to socialize and network with important contacts who will be attending organised events both with you and other companies who share the same view. Such events attract similar minded clientele, who may provide valuable business contacts. Hospitality creates the perfect platform to meet and develop new relationships.

Intouch Solutions were already a client of Presto Solutions and wanted a mobile friendly and compatible website to be able to help them keep up with today's technology and demand. It was important for the firm to be able to reach out and interact with existing and future customers as well as being able to accept quotes and enquiries on their website. Information about events and sporting matches and tournaments needed to be diseminated and collated for clients. It's content needed to be optimised to make it desirable for search engines. Using industry best practice techniques, we came up with a well balanced search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy to support business growth and recognition.
This involved looking at Intouch Solutions competitors and getting a feel for their web presence. Changes implemented included:

  • Dynamic database driven website
  • Contact communication via forms and ability to make quote requests
  • Reorganisation of web content to enable keyword approval and search engine acceptability
  • Search engine compatibility of the website
  • Ability to allow client and prospective client registrations to help data capture and marketing prospects

The result has been a massive change in the corporate image of Intouch Solutions and it's interaction with it's clients and business Associates.

Our Location

We are located in the small business Service centre in Navigation Park, Abercynon close to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. We do our best to be flexible and accessible and thus will travel to see our clients where time and reason permits.

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