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Karibu African Restaurant Karibu is an African restaurant located in Cardiff and typically serves customers from both Cardiff and Newport who enjoy a taste of African cuisine. Karibu specialises in West African and South African cuisine originating from various places so evocative of the African culture, such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana in the west, and southern African lands including Zimbabwe.

Karibu African Restaurant in Cardiff specialises in making delicious and authentic African food. Karibu African Restaurant was started by Chris Senghor about 14 years ago. Karibu has been an instant hit with the African Community in Cardiff and it's reputation has since spread all over the Southwest. Chris is also a graduate in Hospitality Management and has brought an exciting, laid back and welcoming atmosphere to the City's culinary scene.
The challenge involved was to bring Karibu Restaurant into the 21st century technologically.
Even though Karibu is a leading authority in African cuisine it was important to be able to reach and capture a wider audience within the African Food Market in both Cardiff and Newport. Accomplishing this would involve a more modern website which could be used to interact with existing and prospective customers. A well developed social media presence was also needed and accounts from Facebook, Instagram and twitter needed to be kept in tune with the site. The site would also benefit from basic and extended search engine optimisation to enable a well balanced internet presence.

A responsive ( mobile friendly and compatible ) website was first on the list of options considered to help Karibu.
Being able to make reservations from the website was intrinsic to the changes being implemented and in line with good practice an avenue for giving reviews was required :

  • Dynamic database driven website
  • Displaying clearly menus and specials of Karibu's food.
  • Construction of web content to enable keyword approval and search engine acceptability
  • Search engine compatibility of the website
  • Ability to allow customers make reservations from the website
  • Increased propagation and interaction of the existing online menu system

The result has been an impressive interaction between Karibu and their customers. Impressive reviews are now prevalent and the booking process has now been streamlined to help alleviate communication outlets. The online menu and ordering service has taken advantage of the increased advertising and recognition from the changes. .

Our Location

We are located in the small business Service centre in Navigation Park, Abercynon close to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. We do our best to be flexible and accessible and thus will travel to see our clients where time and reason permits.

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